season’s greetings

a friendly reminder that the world is rumored to end on friday



we’re still stuck in the middle of silence. i think that i would need to tell you some things, but i don’t want to. i also feel as if you need to tell me some things too, but we’ve always found comfort in silence. 

i now understand that christmas is the season of happiness and honesty. we’ve never been conventional, but please, let’s handle this in the way normal people would do. (which is probably our main problem, i keep on pointing wrong things out and you laugh– we laugh, but we both know it’s not going anywhere.) 


but regardless if the world actually will end this friday, 

i would want you to know that i am willing to ignore my overwhelming sense of self-preservation for you. which i have never done before. which i am not willing to forego for anyone else, as of the moment. 


this is not a ploy. this is not a challenge.

this is a request, and a partial surrender.


merry christmas. 


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