note to self

please stop reveling in your non-existent drama.
you created it yourself,
so stop trying to bitch about it and
move on.

please smile once in a while,
maybe the chronic bitch face isn’t so chronic.
be kind– people will remember the kind ones the most.

ironically, the noisiest people are the people who have nothing to say.
find the beauty in silence, and solitude.
know that being alone does not mean being lonely.

drown yourself in positivity.
i know your favorite characters aren’t the happiest folk,
but you don’t have a dark backstory, nor
are you gay nor are living in an alternate universe.
happy characters are characters too.

arrogance is not confidence.
find the light within yourself. don’t let those bitches kill your vibe.
sometimes those bitches are yourself.
don’t give in.

be interested to be interesting,
you should try to listen non-selectively.
nurture your interests.

people will judge you anyway.
be yourself.
know yourself before you be yourself.

try to chill out, but not too much.
go to the gym. workout.
write. watch more movies. listen to more music. read poetry.
pester parents for driving lessons and an airplane ticket somewhere new.

you’ve had too many breaks. face the now.
stop trying to run away from failure. the longer you delay it the bigger it gets.

have fun.
get that rod up your ass out.
go with the flow.

spend time with your family.
cherish your friends.
learn to make new ones. don’t be afraid.
virtual interaction is not anywhere near real conversations with real people.

pray. He’ll listen.

stop thinking about your current misery.
insecurity will get you nowhere,
and staying on the internet for nothing is just a waste of time.
study hard. learn about gratitude.

try to be more honest,
with other people, and especially with yourself.

actually listen to yourself when you’re giving yourself a reality check.

get off your ass and do something about it.


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