PHOTOGRAPHY: End of 2013 at Saujana Spa, Philippines

Annual holiday family vacation.
Taken in Saujana Wellness Spa and Resort in the Philippines.
I personally loved the architecture (70’s Americana vibe). And the hot tub’s ace too!

All photos owned by Chili Perez. Shot with a Nikon D3100 55mm.  

DSC_1555 copy


DSC_1587DSC_1536DSC_1558 DSC_1568 DSC_1570 DSC_1571 DSC_1581DSC_1589 DSC_1591DSC_1597 DSC_1604 DSC_1610 (2) DSC_1611 2 DSC_1613 DSC_1621 DSC_1623 DSC_1629 DSC_1634 DSC_1637 DSC_1640 DSC_1641 DSC_1643 DSC_1651DSC_1662DSC_1684DSC_1690 DSC_1702 DSC_1774 DSC_1779 DSC_1780 DSC_1816 DSC_1831 DSC_1836 DSC_1839






  1. We were tricked by the very beautiful pictures! Beside having a spacious bedroom and a very modern bath tub- there is nothing more !!! There is nothing at all about wellness ..around! The continental breakfast is just a scrambled egg and a cup of rice! The water in front of the patio of your room is STAGNANT …if it’s “running” ..then that could create a feeling of “wellness” BUT it is stagnant and it is not even clean! Moss has gathered on its walls ans definitely dengue mosquitoes thrive on it! The menu is very unreasonably priced. One piece of barbacue chicken and rice is php 270!!!!
    There is nothing to see except the lights around the bare grden…not even a flower to appreciate entice you to walk atound. Very bad experience…not very recommendable to friends!

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