TRAVEL: Osaka, Japan 2015

Got an additional 4GB of RAM for my laptop today!! So to celebrate this wonderful occasion (yes! this is monumental!) I finally got to export some of my Japan travel photos from last spring. Experimented again (lol) since I’m still trying to get a grip on my ~post-processing look~. Can’t wait to upload more shit lol. Life update soon maybe? Photo heavy under the cut!




TRAVEL: El Nido, Palawan; January 2015

This is a really random and late upload but I’m finding excuses to procrastinate and delay studying for my accounting exam on Monday. So here are some of my favorite photos from our beach trip to my favorite place on earth, El Nido, Palawan. We (Bea, Livi, Anya and I) went there for my best friend Nicole’s 18th birthday. Much fun. Can’t wait to get out of school (which detestably ends in a month and with the summer season) and have the time to be a carefree bum on a beach.

Rather photo-heavy under the cut. I own all the photos. Shot using a Nikon D3100 35mm. Post-processing by yours truly.



TRAVEL: NSTP SURP Camping Trip with Basquille, Mt. Makiling

Well hello there, people of the interwebs!

I am crawling out of my cave of inactivity to post this set of photos I took last April 25-27 during a field trip in Los Banos, Laguna. For the summer semester I took a rappelling and survival CWTS (Civil Welfare Training something) class under the School of Urban and Regional Planning to fulfill my NSTP (National Service Training Program) requirement.  Basically it’s a month long program where we learn how to respond to emergencies and disasters as citizens. For the past 4-5 weeks my teammates and I have been learning rappelling, CPR, compass navigation, proper carrying, bandaging, knotting, camping strategies and general fun things like ziplining and trekking. So as a culminating activity and a test of our new abilities, we all had to attend this 3 day camping trip in the heart of Mt. Makiling.

This trip earned a special place in my ~heart~ because (1) this was my first college field trip (and it definitely was UP material), (2) I was with the clingiest, vainest, craziest and best team ever (#BASQUILLE), and (3) it was ridiculously fun and almost disgustingly unforgettable. I’ll break it down for you later on, and you’ll get to know my insane teammates too. LOL.

Shot using my Nikon D3100 55 mm. Post-processing using Photoshop CS6. All photos taken and edited by yours truly.


 Gilbert traverses. Instructor relaxes. 


TRAVEL: Cambodia 2013 Part 1

I’m sorry this is extremely late. Never actually got to finish post-processing everything, but here are some of the photos I took while in Cambodia last February. My whole family went on a vacation together with my mom’s officemates for Optimus’ annual incentive trip. Here’s a bunch of photos from our Cambodia day trip to Angkor Wat. 

Warning: photo heavy under the cut!

Shot using my Nikon D3100 55 mm. Post-processing using Photoshop CS3. All photos taken and edited by yours truly.

DSC_0386 (more…)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stellar 2.0, Hipsterness

Well, this is more of a editing post, since most of the pictures here were taken by my friends. Experimented with curves… #slutlyfe jk but yeah.

Good times with good friends! Had a hipster get-together with my most hipster friends aka Livi, Jops (resident mow-del), Anya and Bea.

Shot with my Nikon D3100 55 mm. Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS3. Arranged in no particular order.

Warning: These are all edited with different curves, and were shot indoors and outdoors, so expect variety! Here goes!




TRAVEL: Anvaya Cove, Nicole’s Sweet Sixteenth

Hello to all– after months of ridiculously cryptic and slightly depressing posts from me, I have now come up with my first normal blog post! Well, rather, another angle of A Day in the Life of Chili. As you might have read in my previous post aka REVAMP 2013, more writing, photography and travel-blogging are some of my resolutions for this year. So, voila, this post is born.

Last weekend, January 15-16, my friends and I (namely, BLANC as we call ourselves) drove all the way to Anvaya Cove in Bataan to celebrate Nicole’s 16th birthday. My first beach weekend with these guys! I was the unofficial-yet-official photographer for this trip, so I wasn’t in most of the group shots *manly tear*. Anyway, here goes! Photos and post-processing (c) Chili.

Photos are under the cut. (more…)